Our services cover all three main airport of Jordan

Flight Permits:
As a twenty-four hours operation, sky wings Aviation Services is able to process  flight clearances for any type of operations promptly and efficiently. We maintain close relationships with the Civil Aviation Authorities and authorized agencies in order to secure over-flight and landing permits, even on a client's short notice. We ensure that our clients get regular updates on flight clearance rules for any type at any time with immediate follow –up with authorities

- We get flight permits for all kind of flights such as:
VIP Charter Flights
Executive flights 
Private Business flights 
- Technical landing permit
Medical Evacuation / Air Ambulance flights
• Cargo Charter flight
Passenger flights /commercial flights hts
• Emergency and Relief Flights
- -
- -Tourist charter operations
- • Diplomatic Flights

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Ground Handling:
SKY WINGS has its own arrangement for providing ,complete supervised ground handling services we believe that every flight should have VIP Handling efficiency in air and on the ground with a special focus on giving personal attention to each of our clients. Ensuring all contracted services levels are maintained to achieve on-time services.

Arranging and coordinating full ground handling services to your flight with all related parties within jordainan Airport

The following are some of the ground services we cater to: 

- basic ground handling
Applicable airport fees and royalty
Meet &assist flight crew & passengers with immigration and customs procedures upon arriaval & deprture
Arranging vip lounge
Obtain visa
- Customs & immigration 
- Cargo and baggage services 
- Catering 
- Security arrangements.
Computerized weather and Notams
Arrange refuling
Update flight operations with on-time Mo vement
On site gourmet catering

- Provision of transportation for crew and passengers 
- Hotel accommodation for crew and passengers
- Limousine service 

We are specialize in handling of diplomatic and vip flights coordinating with concerned GOVT Authorities.
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- Complete aircraft and passenger arrival and departure services
- Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Coordination/Assistance (on-site)
   for crew and passengers airport formalities
- Direct ramp access to aircraft by passengers own transportation
- Meet & Greet Service
- General Declaration and Passenger Manifest
- Baggage Handling
- Fueling arrangement / coordination
- Catering arrangements
- Ramp security for parked aircraft
- Aircraft parking position and slot coordination
- Filing of ATC Flight Plan, weather briefings and provisions of current NOTAMs
- Arrangement of hotel accommodations and transport
   for both crew and passengers
- Arrangement of Ground Support Equipment and Services
- Ambulance and VIP Services
- Passenger and Cargo Handling